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Our ref: AIPPI/2009

Date: 16 July 2009


1. Participation in Questions 2009

The Malaysian Group participated in the following scientific works in response to the following questions:


Response Prepared by

Q. 194BA ?? The impact of Co-Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights on their Exploitations

Chew Phye Keat & Tee Lee Chin

Q. 208 ?? Border Measures and other Means of Customs Intervention against Infringers

Liew Shie Ying & Azrul Hamid

Q. 209 ?? Selection Inventions ??the Inventive Step Requirement, other Patentability Criteria and Scope of Protection

Tai Foong Lam

Q210 ??The Protection of Major Sporting Events and associated commercial activities through Trademarks and related IPR

Teh Hong Koon

2. Participation at Congress 2008

Last year the Malaysian Group was represented by 4 members at the ExCo and Congress in Boston from 6 -11 September 2008. The Questions dealt with were as follows and relevant resolutions were passed on the same:


Response Prepared by

Q 202 ??The impact of public health issues on exclusive patent rights

Chew Phye Keat /
HK Sharminee Devi

Q 204 ??Liability for contributory infringement of IPRs

Karen Abraham /
Tai Foong Lam

Q 205 ??Exhaustion of IPRs in cases of recycling or repair of goods

Liew Shie Ying /
Alan Ng

3. Participation in Q200

- To review the Statutes and Regulations and adapt them according to the needs of a modern NGO

The President, Ms. Karen Abraham was actively involved in the above Question as part of the Statutes Committee advising the AIPPI Bureau as to possible amendments to the AIPPI Statutes to address the changing needs of the members.

4. Groups ExCo Members Meetings

The ExCo members of the Malaysian AIPPI Group met and had meetings on 3 occassions in 2008 where in depth discussions were held on how to promote the group locally and regionally.

5. New Initiatives for 2009

2008 has kicked off well with the National Group. The group had very recently on 10 April 2008 organized a seminar entitled ??ATENT UPDATE 2008??which was received well amongst local IP practitioners, local patent clients and our local government authorities.

It was a half day seminar which was held at the local AIPPI secretariat in Shearn Delamore & Co. The speakers were Mr Karl Rackette, a leading Patent Attorney from Germany who spoke on the topic ??CT ?? Challenges of the National Phase and Mr Chew Phye Keat who discussed the Impact of Public Health Issues on Exclusive Patent Rights.

More seminars are in the pipeline. Further the group is working on having its own website wherein potential members will be able to access the full database of the members of the National Group, list of all members of the National Group together with the biodata of the speakers and the papers presented at the seminars and/ or conferences.

Meetings are being arranged with the local authorities to expose them to the National Groups activities.




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